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Committee Objective:  The mission of the Utility Operations Committee is to provide training and training tools to member water agencies in their cost-effective implementation of BMP 1.1-1.4; to involve relevant departments within water agencies in the committee’s work; as well as to evaluate the BMP elements as outlined in the MOU and to recommend appropriate changes thereto if required.

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California Water Efficiency Partnership Seeks Executive Director

Published on Friday, March 10, 2017

The Executive Director (ED) reports to the Board of Directors and has primary responsibility for implementing the broad strategic and policy directives set by the Board. Working with the Deputy Director, the ED has ultimate responsibility for the Partnership’s staffing, operations and fiscal management. Working with staff members, consultants and members, the ED has ultimate responsibility for the initiation and management of programmatic and member services activities. Working with staff, the ED has ultimate responsibility for obtaining additional resources– financial and otherwise–to support the organization’s activities. The full position description can be found here - ED Job Description 2017 Final.pdf

  • A deep appreciation of the wide variety of sizes, locations, resources, services provided and governance structures of California water utilities, so that Partnership activities can serve members who have different needs and different goals.
  • An ability to articulate clearly and persuasively the value of the Partnership especially at a time of transition to --so that current members will decide to remain members and new members will decide to join.
  •   A background in collaborating effectively with a diverse and dedicated board of directors and working committees to set organizational priorities, develop policy recommendations, and implement the organization’s strategic plan.
  • A commitment and capacity to provide high-quality members services and be responsive to members’ needs.
  • A willingness to travel around California, and, occasionally, out of state, in order to: help the organization transition, especially during the first year; and serve members and advance Partnership objectives in a variety of professional settings.
  • Sufficient technical expertise, experience and stature to:
    • command the respect of new and potential members, as well as other stakeholders in the water efficiency community, in ways that reinforce the public perception of the overall value of the organization and membership; and
    • design effective programs, projects and tools that help members’ water use efficiency staff members perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.
  • An ability to identify, and then implement, strategic opportunities to collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders--including nonprofits; local, state, regional and federal agencies; businesses and trade associations; academics; and others--on matters of mutual interest and benefit.
  • An understanding of existing and proposed laws and regulations governing water use efficiency, demand management, and conservation so that:
    • decision makers and other stakeholders can appreciate the challenges posed by any such requirements; and
    • members can anticipate and meet those requirements;
  •  An understanding of the business and organizational development sides of a nonprofit 501(c)(3)’s activities, including strategic planning, fiscal management, governance, and accountability.
  • A proven ability to help the organization reduce reliance on dues by increasing fund-raising through grants, contracts and donations.
  • An ability to work well with a small and dedicated staff, inspiring and encouraging staff members to fulfill their potential by balancing delegation of responsibilities with appropriate guidance and supervision.


A minimum of 10 years in a water-related, natural resources or environmental field with at least five years at a management level. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree or equivalent combination of professional experience and education is preferred.


The salary range for the position is $100,000-$125,000 plus an attractive benefits package.


Please submit a letter of interest and a resume to: Executive Director Search Committee, office@cuwcc.org. Priority review of applications will begin March 22, 2017 and will continue until the position is filled.


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