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'We can't relax our guard,' state water official warns as conservation effort lags

Friday, October 02, 2015

For the first three years of California's drought, calls for water conservation got little traction.

Then in April, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a mandatory 25% cut, and California took notice. Through the summer, residents slashed water use dramatically, up to 31% in July.

But in August, conservation dipped for the first time since Brown's order took effect.

Californians cut back their urban water use in August by 27% compared with the same month in 2013, state regulators announced Thursday.

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RFP: Seeking Sustainable Landscape Market Transformation Assistance

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Using Market Transformation Principles to Accelerate the Transition to Sustainable Landscaping in California: 

Initial Research & Market Transformation Plan Refinement

The California Urban Water Conservation Council (Council) seeks expertise to launch Phase 1 of
its Market Transformation Plan to accelerate the transition to multiple-benefit, sustainable
landscaping in California. More specifically, as detailed in the RFP, the Council is seeking to
engage individuals or organizations with capabilities and capacities, in the very short term, to
begin essential market research and plan refinement.

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Hoover Golden State Poll: Californians Open to Sacrifice When it Comes to Addressing the Drought

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As California copes with its four-year drought, a new Hoover Institution survey shows that the Golden State’s electorate is amenable—across ideological and regional divides--to continued water conservation and sharing groundwater resources with neighboring communities.

“The drought is that rare occurrence that affects Californians from all walks of life,” said Hoover Institution research fellow Bill Whalen. “The good news in this survey is that voters are open to sharing and sacrifice –even though it might require some skilled salesmanship from the state’s leaders.”

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Click here for poll results: Hoover Golden State Poll.

After years of low rates, customers can expect to pay more for water

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

With all the questions surrounding the nation's water supplies and systems, one thing seems certain: Customers will be paying more to keep their taps flowing.

Rates have been shooting up nationwide in drought-stricken states and in cities trying to upgrade their aging infrastructure. Experts say the trend is sure to accelerate as the cost of water, treatment and delivery comes into line with how essential water is to our daily lives.

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What you need to know about BMP 1.4 Reporting

Monday, September 28, 2015
I’ve received several questions about Retail Conservation Pricing this past week, and implementation of this BMP can get complicated, but I’ll give you an overview on the BMP and how to report on it in this week’s blog. Prior to July 1st of this year, there were two basic methods or “Options” for implementation. For both of these options, determination of whether a utility is “on track” is based, in part, on the utility’s annual revenue as reported to the Council. Option 1 evaluates the portion of utility revenue that comes from volumetric charges on customers’ water bills. To be “on track,” a utility must derive at least 70% of its revenue from such charges. Option 2 uses rate design models to calculate a utility-specific percentage of volumetric revenue. Since July 1st, Council members can use new “Option 3.” This option uses a point scale from a three-section matrix. Option 3 reporting, including a spreadsheet tool, was highlighted during a recent Council webinar.  That video is available for members to view on the Council website. []
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