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On Gardening: During drought, remember — right plant in right place

Friday, April 17, 2015

Californians are agonizing over our severe drought and its probable future. Those going through the greatest stress are homeowners maintaining verdant lawns and gardens in Southern California’s deserts, farmers using 80 percent of the state’s surface water and policymakers working to move the state’s burgeoning population toward lifestyles and businesses that use our limited water wisely.

This will be a lengthy slog. 

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Some say they’ll get soaked by state’s big water cutbacks

Friday, April 17, 2015

Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for mandatory water reductions is not sitting well with some Californians, particularly those in the crosshairs of a sweeping plan to make the state’s biggest guzzling communities trim the most.

Southern California enclaves such as Beverly Hills and Newport Beach that have done little to conserve — and as a result are targeted, alongside a few heavy-using Bay Area communities, for the deepest water cuts of 35 percent — are calling the proposal way too demanding.

Others say the pain isn’t being spread fairly, or that the plan is going to be bad for business.

Still others complain it doesn't go far enough.

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DROUGHT: The grass will not be greener

Monday, April 13, 2015
Water officials are scrambling to figure out how they will meet the governor’s order to slash consumption by as much as 35 percent. But they know where to start: less grass, higher rates.

“We’re going to need to change outdoor landscaping in Southern California,” said Bob Muir, spokesman for Metropolitan Water District, wholesaler for most of the region.

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Drought: Saving water not as hard as you think

Monday, April 13, 2015
Like many drought-conscious Californians, Angel Winn is trying to save every last drop of water.

When the San Jose woman washes her car, she parks it on her lawn so that the hose also waters the grass. She takes showers at the gym because the grunginess encourages quick ones. She even saves tap water by giving her dog the leftover water from her gym bottle, as well as ice from her water glass.

“He’s OK with it,” said Winn, 39, a high school counselor. “Plus, he likes the ice.”

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California's drought response barrels forward

Thursday, April 09, 2015

California's water restrictions barreled ahead Wednesday with stringent new standards for all toilets, urinals and faucets sold in the state starting in 2016 -- another sign that the Golden State's drought situation truly is circling the drain.

The California Energy Commission adopted low-flow regulations -- new toilets will be limited to 1.28 gallons per flush -- that will save more than 10 billion gallons in the first year, and in time, up to 105 billion gallons per year -- more than three times the annual amount of water used by San Francisco.

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