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Upcoming Member Vote on Council Changes

Monday, November 28, 2016

At its November 16, 2016, meeting, the Council Board approved a package of agreements that will allow the Council to substantially restructure and re-focus itself. The three main elements of the package are: a set of bylaws amendments; a financial settlement; and a transition plan.


The Board authorized a member vote on the package by written ballot.


The ballot as well as a full package of explanatory materials will be sent to members on Wednesday, November 30. The voting period will extend to the end of December.


In the meantime, save the date for two important events:


Webinar Tuesday, December 6 — from 10 am - Noon.  This webinar will present a summary of the Board’s recommendation and give participants a chance to ask quesions and make comments.  Registration information can be found here.


— Fourth Quarter Plenary, December 13 — LADWP Wall Street facility, Los Angeles.  This will be a second opportunity to give participants a chance to ask quesions and make comments.  Members who wish to will also be able to turn in their ballots.  Because space is limited, register for the Plenary by sending an email to

Board Meeting - 4th Quarter


Council Board of Directors

November 16, 2016

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sacramento Water Forum

1330 21st Street, Sacramento CA 95811

Finance and Governance Meeting - 4th Quarter


Please join my meeting:

Join the conference call:
Conference ID #58-264-18

Meeting ID: 757-144-701


December 6

Pre-Plenary Webinar