Drought Resources

Learn about the drought and how Californians are helping respond to the drought in our drought news room.  The Council is offering resources for the general public, and for Water Agencies.

Water Agency Resources

The Council has developed a water shortage tool kit that water service providers can use to jump start their programs to get water savings this year and future years.  The nine tools are primers on Model Water Shortage Contingency Plans; Water Waste Ordinances and Enforcement; Water Shortage Pricing; Water Loss and Supply Alternatives; and Customer Programs and Communication; Water Supply Fact Sheet and Water Use Awareness primers and templates; how to establish a water school and recommended curriculum; and a Water Resources Funding primer.

In addition to the water shortage tool kit, water agencies can share Council resources for the public with their customers, including H2ouse and the video library. 

Resources for the Public

Learn more about how you can help save water during the drought.  Public resources include “ H2Ouse”, an on-line tool for individuals to learn about water use and water savings opportunities inside and outside the home; a video library with instructional videos on how to save water around the house; rebates; water use calculators, and other water saving tips

Drought News

No Drought Route

Student filmmaker makes water conservation video

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Student Filmmaker Ivy Chan produced a two-minute film to spread the message of water conservation throughout California.

Watch her video here.